Product Name : Presta Tubeless For French Valve with Valve integrated tool cap and lighter nut
Product Description

The valve is not only for presta tubeless valve uses, but also could be used on tubelar valve.

According to the current trend, light-weighted frame, rim and other parts suffice the industry the most.

Other valves have applied the same concept as the nut and the valve cap are made by PA6 Injection molding.

The density is 3 times smaller than aluminum but it has almost the same toughness and tensile strength.

Providing a great replacement to fit in the modern trend. Plus the valve integraded tool on top, making the whole valve lighter and more convenient.

Product Introduction
Item No. Length(mm) Rim Hole(mm) Stem Material
YT730AL 47 ɸ6.5+/-0.2 Aluminum Alloy, 6061T6
YT730NI 50 ɸ6.5+/-0.2 Nickel Plated Brass Alloy, C3604


If you have other requirement for the length of the valve stem, we could also produce: 40, 47, 62, 72, 82, 102mm as the effective length.

  • YT730AL Length: 47mm
  • YT730NI Length: 50mm



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